What does Putin want?

What does Putin want?

In these very uneasy days for Ukraine a lot of experts and analysts express their opinions on the causes and consequences of the current situation. The process is naturally determined since a hard-boiled appraisal of the situation is necessary to preserve self-control. But are there any logical explanations for the Putin’s actions?

The most popular still remains the version of creation of new trade routes through the eastern regions of Ukraine and ports of the Crimean peninsula: supposedly it opens new opportunities for selling products and Russian gas transfer. But even today it is obvious that economic losses of this war will be immeasurably higher than potential gain in case of winning. Combat actions as such have not even started yet and yet Russian business is suffering serious losses.

The second scenario is to show his people that resistance is useless, revolution is impossible. If so, then the result is doubtful. The decision to invade into the territory of Ukraine has already led to mass protests, which will most surely get worse in the case of an open aggression from Russian troops against the Ukrainian people. Far from everyone in Russia acts like a herd of frightened cattle, the way politicians would like them to be. People of Russia is almost ready to take an action and the deaths of young Russians only spur people.

The third and the most frightening scenario remains – ideological. If we look back and listen carefully we might notice that Putin in his public speeches often quoted a certain writings of Nikolai Danilevsky and other philosophers of the Silver Age with similar views. Danilevsky wrote that “Europe not only something to us alien, but even hostile, that its interests not only cannot be our interests, but in most cases directly to them are opposite”. Another vivid representative of this philosophy was Ivan Ilyin, whose books, according to rumors, Russian governors received as a gift from the Kremlin for the New Year. Here is a very lucid passage: “Let us right away make it clear that the dismemberment of Russia preparing by the international backstage is by all means unfounded and has no spiritual or real political grounds, except revolutionary demagogy, ridiculous fear of a unified Russia and inveterate hostility towards Russian monarchy and the Eastern Orthodoxy. We know that Western nations do not understand and do not tolerate Russian identity

They are going to divide the united Russian broom into twigs to break these twigs one by one and use them to light a fading fire of their civilization. They want to dismember Russia to take it through the Western style of equality and destroy it completely: the plan of hatred and craving for power”.

And now let us imagine just for a second that Vladimir Vladimirovich and his court sincerely believe in such ideas. Believe that the imposition of the Russian Orthodox Church ideology is not the way to control people but а way for revival of the spiritual identity of their people. Believe that the West bears a plan to destroy Russia and Ukraine really needs “protection and support”.

That Orthodoxy should be protected both from the corrupting actions of Europe and the attacks of the Muslim world. And they unconditionally believe in the rightness of their propaganda messages. Scary, isn’t it? Very much. Because there is nothing worse than a person in power possessed with the God complex and who devoutly believe in his infallibility. There is only a faint hope that the businessman in Putin will take precedence over the “god” and will be ready to leave if he feels economic irrationality of the war.