“Gay Liberation Front” got new CEO: Volodymyr Kiriiazi!

Volodymyr Kiriiazi - gay leader of ukraine

Being the CEO of “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) since 2009, Andrei Masalitin has resigned from his position voluntarily.

At the meeting of the Board of All Ukrainian Public Organization “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) held on 16th of September 2015, Volodymyr Kiriiazi was appointed a new CEO of GLF Ukraine!

Goodbye: Andrei Masalitin steps down as CEO of GLF Ukraine and leaves Ukraine

Gay Leader of Ukraine Volodymyr Kiriiazi has been working at GLF Ukraine since 2013. Before the appointment as CEO, he was in charge of the department for development of regional initiatives. He also coordinated the information campaign “Free because well-informed” and assisted in setting up a LGBT helpline.

The team of GLF Ukraine is so thankful to Andrei Masalitin for the years of fruitful cooperation. We believe that both Taras and Volodymyr will achieve great success in the development of the LGBT movement.