The Strategic Plan of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” for 2015-2020

General information about NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine)

Non-governmental Organization “Gay Liberation Front” was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in 2000. The Organization has regional representative offices in many regions of Ukraine. As of today, NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) has already successfully implemented seven projects and continues to implement four more projects.

In particular, we publish a newspaper for MSM, support fundamental human rights and freedoms as well as counteract homophobia, implement HIV/AIDS prevention projects among MSM and also provide content of our own web site, which informs on current LGBT news and events. The main target groups of our web site are both LGBT people and society in general. We also target authority representatives and public opinion leaders, as well as activists of a gay movement and international community.

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) – is a strong and stable organization that is a partner of the state and international donors, and is being a leader of LGBT-movement in Ukraine and at the regional level of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA).

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) managed to change public opinion towards LGBT in the positive way and to influence state policy. The organization has consolidated around itself deliberate part of the LGBT community; successfully solves the problems of its socially vulnerable part and is being well acknowledged and active unit in the sphere of HIV/AIDS/STI prevention in the country and on the level of the EECA region.

Organization Mission

Our organization is being in the process of self-development and improvement; conducting an intensive dialogue with the state authorities as well as with the partners on the regional, national and international levels. NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) constantly maintains close contact with the LGBT community and promptly responds to all of its needs. Projects implemented by our organization are of current interest and focused on results. In project implementation our organization uses modern achievements in the field of sociology, psychology, political science and social work.

Strategic goals of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine)

1. Improvement of the situation with observance of the rights of the LGBT people by the state and general population of Ukraine and achievement of positive changes in attitudes towards LGBT people in the society. Overcoming of stigmatization and increasing level of self-respect among representatives of the LGBT community of Ukraine.

2. Conduction of a number of national and regional campaigns to educate new leaders and to raise awareness on democratic values and LGBT-community in Ukrainian society. During 2014 information campaigns will be conducted in four pilot regions, whereupon the experience of the pilot regions will be extended to the entire territory of Ukraine.

3. Development of the community centers for LGBT people – space for consolidation of the community and identifying its activists; newly 20 new participants joined Ukrainian activists team and actively involved.

4. Development and support of the press-service, web portal, informational network for all interested parties, which will be able to regularly receive recent news and materials about the real situation on LGBT topic in Ukraine and worldwide.

5. Creation of the comprehensive monitoring of acts of violence against LGBT people and provision of comprehensive support during strategic trials.

6. Social adaptation of the representatives of the LGBT-community, who found themselves in difficult life circumstances and with special needs. To fulfill this goal it is planned to create a shelter and programs of social adaptation for homeless and socially vulnerable LGBT people, as well as to implement programs of social, medical and psychological support.

7. Reducing the number of new HIV-infection cases among MSM and improving the quality of life of HIV-positive MSM. To achieve this it will be continued the activities on raising the awareness on HIV and STI, including – through implementation of mobilization projects for most at risk groups, as well as to strengthen community capacity in the field of prevention work.

8. Improving the competitiveness and building capacity of the organization through the implementation of changes within its structure, the development of partnership network including by signing the memorandum of cooperation with Ukrainian subjects of LGBT movement and other governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as establishment of contacts with potential donors and the legislative and executive authorities in Ukraine.

9. Creating of a system of a new, more adequate and up-to-date requirements for decision making on sex reassignment for transgender people. Providing education for the State Commission on sex reassignment.

10. Implementation of the programs of social, medical and psychological support for commercial sex workers among LGBT representatives.

11. Conduction of the mobilization projects for groups most vulnerable to HIV in twelve regions of Ukraine, which would include development and support of the regional community councils.

12. Implementation of HIV prevention programs among MSM in five cities of Ukraine.

13. Increasing the level of the public awareness towards representatives of the LGBT community and basic democratic values.

14. Promoting adequate judicial practice in cases of violation of LGBT rights.

The list of terms, acronyms and abbreviations used in the text of the Strategic Plan:

IHIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
NGO Non-governmental Organization
EECA region of Eastern Europe and Central Asia
STI Sexually Transmitted Infections
LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, and Transgender
МSМ Men who have Sex with Men