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A discussion about drag queens took place at Gay House Kyiv

One of the drag artists, who performs under the stage name Dominika Lovegood, gave a lecture on the main four characters of the drag queens at Gay House With Boys Kyiv. There was a follow-up discussion afterwards. Of course, the most head-turning character among them is a low camp drag queen. The famous Divine is an example of this type of performer. She gained recognition performing on stage and playing in films. The Ukrainian low camp drag queens are Madam Pizzhu, Maydana and Zhanna “Deep Anal” Simeiz.

Roundtable discussion for LGBT took place in Kharkiv

Oksana Bocharnikova, the coordinator of Gay House With Boys Kharkiv and vice president of Sphere Women Association, was talking about the problems that didn’t let LGBT people go to a psychologist. The attempts of «healing», fear of disapproval and awkward questions about homosexuality are among them. For example, they may be asked how long ago did they acknowledge they were homosexual (the question that heterosexual people are never asked) or «who is a man and who is a woman in your couple?» And, of course, the classical question «Maybe you just hasn’t met a proper partner yet?»