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GLF Ukraine organizes rainbow shitting runaway

Let’s recall that 3-day training for volunteers aimed at volunteer movement and Gay House With Boys sex clubs development was held in February and welcomed over 30 volunteers. They took part in workshops, seminars, hands-on trainings focused on team-building, conflict situations analysis, working with initiatives and project launch.

Volunteers in Munich: About new acquaintances and sharing experiences

Program started with some history of LGBT movement in Munich. Manfred Edinger, Sub co-organizer, told about an initiative group appearing on the volunteering grounds 30 years ago and about the way they had to go together. Besides, Ukrainian volunteers learned that German LGBT movement differed radically from Ukrainian realities as men, women and trans directions were actively evolving at the same time as well as different interest groups for LGBT.

Gay House coordinators discussed options for sex clubs development this year

Making LGBT more visible, improving the society’s attitude towards the community, its mobilization and unification, lowering of self-stigmatization level among LGBT are the main goals that are achieved by sex clubs work. The coordinators presented Gay Sex Houses with Boys and their activity in the region, shared their achievements and progress in 2015 on the business meeting.

Volunteers for a “workout”

The first part of the training with Svetlana Redich was about the volunteerism as an instrument and a phenomenon, which needs to be developed. To develop inter alia by involving other people to the volunteer movement or the projects. And it is not possible without a high level of communication skills and a quick response to the requests. Volunteers’ first task was to get to know the group within a short period of time – 1 minute. Their conclusive result – ability to quickly form a team by the specified criteria, for example, “all team members are from different cities”- depended on what the volunteers succeeded to do within this minute.