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Speaking training: voice of LGBT community should sound louder

Communicative director of GLF Ukraine Aliona Shnorin discussed with the training participants those questions and prejudices that a journalist comes to LGBT community members with. Editorial instructions of journalists were discussed and how they usually influenced the resulting looks of interviews, as well as ways of making yourself safe of twisting and taking words out of the context.

Volunteers about Gay House: first of all it is total freedom and full sodomy!

We recall that the training took place on February 25-27 in Zakarpattia region and was focused on expanding the expertise of the volunteers and teamwork. In addition to the main part of the training, the participants engaged in brainstorming, proposed interesting volunteer projects and came up with creative ideas.

Gay House Vinnytsia taught how to communicate with the police

People often forget their rights in the moment of crisis and risk to found themselves in unpleasant or even dangerous situations. Having basic information about rules of communication with the police is necessary, especially minding that law enforcers often violate LGBT rights. The participants of the training were reminded of when and how long the police have rights to detain people, of rules of personal search and documents check.