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Notice of change of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” executive director

On April 26, 2016 on a special meeting of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” board the resignation of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) executive director Volodymyr Kiriiazi was considered. The board discussed the current situation in the organization and also the issues of organization of KyivPride 2016 this year. The board thanked Volodymyr Kiriiazi for effective cooperation and wished him luck in preparation for the Pride.

The counselors of national hotlines were taught to communicate with LGBT

At the end of the training the counselors participated in so-called “aquarium” exercise. Two training participants tried on the roles of a counselor and a caller with gender identity issues. The rest of participants made assessment of the counselor’s mistakes and her wise decisions and then discussed what way of holding a conversation would be most tactful.

What do Ukrainians know about the Human Rights?

The changes our country needs relate not only and possibly not so much to political reforms – it requires qualitative changes in the consciousness of people in order to form respect towards both themselves and other people. That is the reason why NGO “Gay Liberation Front” together with its partners sees its mission in spreading the ideas of justice, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity in the Ukrainian society. Namely for this purpose we are implementing this information campaign, within which we have planned many more actions in the future.