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GLAAD’s director of programs told how to work with mass media

Talking to the journalists, Ross Murray advises to evaluate preliminary knowledge of the interlocutors, not to confront them with too much information and terminology, and to give it as much as the interlocutor is ready to absorb. Besides, one should remember, mass media is a communication tool with society, so it is important to express oneself the way the audience understands the spokesperson.

Spokesmen and spokeswomen of the LGBT community will be trained

To participate in the challenging selection you have to fill in the application form and to send a link to a 30-sec video, where you tell about yourself, and why we should invite you. The videos will be used solely for the selection; they will be watched only by the selection panel. We will invite 20 participants to the training. The registration is open until 23rd of March.