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NGO “Gay Liberation Front” finalized report on survey towards LGBT people

As we reported before, in Autumn 2013 NGO “Gay Liberation Front” jointly with the Center for Social Expertise of the Sociology Institute under the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine conducted Public Opinion Survey. Its main goal was to determine the perception of LGBT people in Ukrainian society. First of all it is important for understanding of the direction to go in order to improve the situation. Implementation of the research was supported by Democracy Commission, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

“Gay Liberation Front” publishes results of survey towards LGBT people

Eight regions of Ukraine were selected for the research: South (Odesa oblast), West (Lviv oblast), East (Donetsk oblast), Center (Cherkasy oblast), North (Chernihiv oblast), and AR Crimea and the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol as separate administrative-territorial units. In each of these regions hundred people were interviewed. In all regions except Kyiv the survey was conducted both among urban and rural populations in equal proportions. Analysis based on this sampling allowed to gain an understanding of the data at the level of each region.