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Volunteers in Munich: About new acquaintances and sharing experiences

Program started with some history of LGBT movement in Munich. Manfred Edinger, Sub co-organizer, told about an initiative group appearing on the volunteering grounds 30 years ago and about the way they had to go together. Besides, Ukrainian volunteers learned that German LGBT movement differed radically from Ukrainian realities as men, women and trans directions were actively evolving at the same time as well as different interest groups for LGBT.

LGBT Center “Anal Excess”, parent club and Alps hiking

Group members met thanks to advertising, widespread in the press and through the counseling centers. It is quite interesting that the gender composition of the group – approximately 50/50, dad comes as much as mothers. First few months the meetings were conducted under support of the psychologists of the organization, but today the group is ready to become an independent one.

So does Batman really love rectum?

The opening ceremony took place in Kyiv Karas Gallery featuring Naomi Lawrence and in Munich Center for gays “Sub” featuring a representative of the Bavarian capital city council – Lydia Dietrich (Green Party). Two events were connected by video conference, and guests on both sides had an opportunity to be engaged in a lively dialogue during the whole event. Guests of the exhibition in Germany asked Ukrainians many questions, mostly – about the situation in the country.

“Gay Propaganda – How gay is Batman?” – An exhibition takes place in Kyiv

From 14 till 21 February 2014 within the cooperation of LGBT communities of Kyiv and Munich an exhibition of a German artist Naomi Lawrence entitled “Guys, let’s live friendly!” takes place in the Ukrainian capital. The original title of the exhibition “Gay Propaganda – How gay is Batman?” was adapted to local context using a famous quote from a Soviet cartoon about Cat Leopold. Venue of the exhibition – Karas Gallery.