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Days of Women’s Health project ended in Zaporizhia

A friendly breast physician conducted the second training. The health of the breasts, disease prevention and risk factors were among the topics discussed. Late diagnosis of diseases presents one of the biggest problems in breast care. Therefore, particular attention was paid to the initial symptoms of the diseases, diagnostics of benign and malignant neoplasm, and importance of the breast self-examination, what women often don’t give a due weight. According to statistics, 16000 cases of breast cancer occur each year in Ukraine.

Days of women’s health in Gay House With Boys Zaporizhia

People don’t often give due regard to women’s health of lesbians and bisexual women. There is an illusion of safety of women sex and STD risk being close to nothing, and reproductive health related diseases are often forgotten completely. People can learn about importance and necessity of disease prophylactic, get primary theoretical training and chance to talk to the specialists. A friendly breast physician will host the next workshop.