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Gay House volunteers called Kyiv people for tolerance

Most of the passers-by were smiling but rather reserved in their response. Some of them openly expressed their support or told that they belonged to LGBT community. Of course there were some eccentric people trying to convince the volunteers that homosexuality “will bring Ukrainian nation to extinction” and “such campaigns are nothing more than propaganda.” At the same time they couldn’t tell how exactly this “propaganda” may influence their own sexual orientation or that of other people seeing the leaflets or a gay couple on the street.

An evening of animation at Gay House Kharkiv

The HUYNA project has two streams: animated series and animated short films. Both streams cover human rights issues. The only difference is that series are made by professionals, and short films are created by school children. “We create animated films, which invite to reflect together on a Human, his rights and freedoms. Our animations are not only bright stories. It is a promising and innovative instrument for discussing important and difficult issue the society face nowadays”, HUYNA manifests.

What do Ukrainians know about the Human Rights?

The changes our country needs relate not only and possibly not so much to political reforms – it requires qualitative changes in the consciousness of people in order to form respect towards both themselves and other people. That is the reason why NGO “Gay Liberation Front” together with its partners sees its mission in spreading the ideas of justice, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity in the Ukrainian society. Namely for this purpose we are implementing this information campaign, within which we have planned many more actions in the future.

Anti-fascists action in memory of human rights defenders Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov

Last Sunday Volodymyr Kiriiazi, gay leader of Ukraine and representative of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine), made a speech during the action in memory of lawyer and human rights defender Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova. The action took place on Mykhailivska Square in Kyiv and gathered around two hundred activists.

Foreign Agents

As it was reported by mass-media, President Viktor Yanukovych approved so-called “package of laws by Oleynik-Kolesnichenko”, which, according to one of its authors, was developed for over two years. And of which no one even knew about until yesterday. Nevertheless on one not so beautiful morning Ukrainians woke up in a police state. Well, not exactly: it became police state after students were beaten by “Berkut” in November Maidan. And yesterday Ukraine became a state swiftly slipping into a dictatorship.