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The counselors of national hotlines were taught to communicate with LGBT

At the end of the training the counselors participated in so-called “aquarium” exercise. Two training participants tried on the roles of a counselor and a caller with gender identity issues. The rest of participants made assessment of the counselor’s mistakes and her wise decisions and then discussed what way of holding a conversation would be most tactful.

Where did homophobia in Ukraine come from?

Oppressive post-Soviet history with a savour of camp culture formed a steady taboo on everything related to sexuality. Especially – to homosexuality. However, it is often a kind of internal homophobia, leading rather to stigma than to outright discrimination. All peoples and societies went and continue to go through this kind of homophobia. It is possible to work with it: increasing the level of awareness, personal example plus the evolution.

Reasons for sexual taboos

The development of Humanist Society made possible the sexual revolution with its peak in the 1960s. By that time grew the generation born immediately after the end of the World War II. Under the conditions of shattered economy the children felt no need for the old morality. The most important factor was the emergence of reliable and available contraceptives, which allowed to have sex exclusively for pleasure. Marriage – one for a lifetime – is no longer the only option available.

Foreign Agents

As it was reported by mass-media, President Viktor Yanukovych approved so-called “package of laws by Oleynik-Kolesnichenko”, which, according to one of its authors, was developed for over two years. And of which no one even knew about until yesterday. Nevertheless on one not so beautiful morning Ukrainians woke up in a police state. Well, not exactly: it became police state after students were beaten by “Berkut” in November Maidan. And yesterday Ukraine became a state swiftly slipping into a dictatorship.

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” finalized report on survey towards LGBT people

As we reported before, in Autumn 2013 NGO “Gay Liberation Front” jointly with the Center for Social Expertise of the Sociology Institute under the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine conducted Public Opinion Survey. Its main goal was to determine the perception of LGBT people in Ukrainian society. First of all it is important for understanding of the direction to go in order to improve the situation. Implementation of the research was supported by Democracy Commission, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.