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Billboards supporting anal penetration appeared in Kyiv

Let’s recall that Gay House with Boys Kyiv activists and volunteers organized anti-discrimination campaign handing out similar leaflets and talking to Kyiv people about the human rights for LGBT in Ukraine. The passers-by were rather reserved in their response to the campaign but some of them claimed that homosexuality “will bring Ukrainian nation to extinction” and “such campaigns are nothing more than propaganda.”

“I was here”: art intervention took place in Kyiv Hidropark on the gay meeting spot

He hosted a range of workshops and lectures with the theme of Body-City-Loneliness. “You have to touch something in order to understand it. In Kyiv I touched stories and bodies of others. I didn’t expect this audience to be so sincere – everyone told the story of their body during the presentation. It was a small group but it united us and made us so close that I felt everyone and was ready to hug them and accept them in my life,” Misha Badasyan told about the workshop in Kyiv.