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Foreign Agents

As it was reported by mass-media, President Viktor Yanukovych approved so-called “package of laws by Oleynik-Kolesnichenko”, which, according to one of its authors, was developed for over two years. And of which no one even knew about until yesterday. Nevertheless on one not so beautiful morning Ukrainians woke up in a police state. Well, not exactly: it became police state after students were beaten by “Berkut” in November Maidan. And yesterday Ukraine became a state swiftly slipping into a dictatorship.

Yet another attempt to discredit EuroMaidan using LGBT

There is new information at our disposal about yet another provocation against EuroMaidan using LGBT issues. Fake “Demonstration in defense of LGBT people”, according to organizers of the provocation, should discredit EuroMaidan among ordinary Ukrainians. Unfortunately, the high level of homophobia in the Ukrainian society once again pushes dishonest political technologists to the idea of primitive manipulation, already named “black and blue PR”.