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Declaration of the organizations protecting rights of the Ukrainians among LGBT

Ukrainian LGBT organizations point out that the crimes those young men are accused of, are based on homophobia and coprophagia. Unfortunately, the Criminal Code of Ukraine that is dated back to the Soviet times recognizes only three hatred motives – race, nation and religion. Times have changed and now people are attacked and sometimes even killed because they have different sexual orientation or gender identity.

Preparation of the Festival KyivPride2014 continues in an expanded format

A controversial point still remains the Equality March, conducting of which has both its supporters and opponents. According to President of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) Andrei Masalitin, the March is to be held – but only under the condition of implementation of appropriate legislation and assurance of security compliance. It can only be organized as a legal public procession to support human rights and freedoms for LGBT people under the condition of participation of community representatives, human rights organizations and foreign guests, as well as providing official support.