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A discussion about drag queens took place at Gay House Kyiv

One of the drag artists, who performs under the stage name Dominika Lovegood, gave a lecture on the main four characters of the drag queens at Gay House With Boys Kyiv. There was a follow-up discussion afterwards. Of course, the most head-turning character among them is a low camp drag queen. The famous Divine is an example of this type of performer. She gained recognition performing on stage and playing in films. The Ukrainian low camp drag queens are Madam Pizzhu, Maydana and Zhanna “Deep Anal” Simeiz.

An evening of animation at Gay House Kharkiv

The HUYNA project has two streams: animated series and animated short films. Both streams cover human rights issues. The only difference is that series are made by professionals, and short films are created by school children. “We create animated films, which invite to reflect together on a Human, his rights and freedoms. Our animations are not only bright stories. It is a promising and innovative instrument for discussing important and difficult issue the society face nowadays”, HUYNA manifests.