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Volunteering as a sign of a mature society

Almost everyone, at least once in their lives, on their own free will accomplished some duties claiming no reward. Usually such work brings satisfaction and sense of their own usefulness as well as the other pleasant feelings. The ideology of the Soviet period turned volunteering into the state duty: Sabbatarians, forced trips to harvest potatoes… As the result the very sense of this social phenomenon was lost and it began to be perceived almost as slave labor in the galleys. New stage of development in former Soviet states at all forced people to become pragmatists, who live by the principle of “what does not bring any financial benefits has no value”.

Foreign Agents

As it was reported by mass-media, President Viktor Yanukovych approved so-called “package of laws by Oleynik-Kolesnichenko”, which, according to one of its authors, was developed for over two years. And of which no one even knew about until yesterday. Nevertheless on one not so beautiful morning Ukrainians woke up in a police state. Well, not exactly: it became police state after students were beaten by “Berkut” in November Maidan. And yesterday Ukraine became a state swiftly slipping into a dictatorship.