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Natalia Leonenko: Openness of LGBT is the guarantee of our security

Natalia Leonenko, GLF Ukraine regional development manager and the head of OdessaPride 2016 organizing committee, told in “Volodymyr Kiriiazi’s ANAL MAGAZINE” about LGBT community opportunities, tasks and openness. Natalia points out that one of the high-priority problems is urgent need to work on hate crimes prevention and control of how the police document such crimes.

Day of Kindness: Gay House activists handed out tokens for underground and treated passers-by to coffee

The second part took place by Zoloti Vorota subway station where the activists treated people to tea, cookies and candies. “People noticed us, they smiled, took photos on smartphones but not many of them chose to have a hot drink,” the activists tell. Those who came closer expressed their support and shared their positive emotions and impressions.

“I was here”: art intervention took place in Kyiv Hidropark on the gay meeting spot

He hosted a range of workshops and lectures with the theme of Body-City-Loneliness. “You have to touch something in order to understand it. In Kyiv I touched stories and bodies of others. I didn’t expect this audience to be so sincere – everyone told the story of their body during the presentation. It was a small group but it united us and made us so close that I felt everyone and was ready to hug them and accept them in my life,” Misha Badasyan told about the workshop in Kyiv.