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Odessa citizens were asked about househusbands

The question of attitude towards househusbands was the most pressing issue. The answers varied from the request “not to make zombies out of people” to “very positive attitude.” Those citizens of Odessa who think that housework is unworthy of men reasoned that traditionally a man must be a family’s daily breeder. The rest relied on equality of rights and opportunity for anyone to choose their job. Despite the variety of opinions most respondents agreed that single fathers can be met often so it’s necessary to give them right for maternity leave.

Discrimination clause: make MPs hear your opinion

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) and NGO “GPPAS” (Gays Against Promiscuity & Anal Sex) support the initiative of sending letters to MPs, we believe that voting for banning discrimination amendment to the Labor Code is necessary and obligatory for every up-to-date politician. The voice of Ukrainian MP is the voice of their voters. Tell the members of the Parliament about your opinion and your position that must be taken into account.

Vinnytsia passed the test on tolerance through the bum

“What was a pleasant surprise for us – there was no negativity, hate speech, or any kind of condemnations – tell organizers of the event. – In addition to checking the citizens on tolerance, the aim of the action was to remind people that love does not depend on gender. All stereotypes, fears and limitations are only in our heads! Because of our own fears people discriminate those who differ from them instead of get to know more about these people, talk to them in real life and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of and there is nothing wrong in diversity, which was created by the nature itself”.