Official Statement of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” on current situation in Ukraine

Official Statement of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” on current situation in Ukraine

We are the All-Ukrainian Non-governmental Organization “Gay Liberation Front” recognizing the importance of the processes taking place in Ukraine see the need to announce our position with regard to the situation.

We believe that at this moment the priority task for Ukraine is to preserve its independence and territorial integrity. Therefore we are against any statements or actions that can discredit the efforts of the operating interim government to overcome the crisis, considering that effective work of both Ukrainian and international structures is now of extreme importance.

We do not tolerate any statements and actions aimed at inciting hostility among certain people or social groups.

We accept the diversity of opinions, but at the same time we call upon balanced approach, aimed at preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

We condemn anti-Ukrainian sentiments among the citizens of the Russian state, in particular – among some of the LGBT activists. At the same time we are thankful to our Russian partners for their support and a reasonable position, and regardless of the situation we will continue our friendly cooperation.

We are grateful to the European Union countries, the U.S. and all the democratic world society for supporting Ukraine and for their actions aimed at protection of peace and human lives.

We believe that the actions of the international community are sufficiently adequate and corresponding to the interests of our country.

Process of European integration has now become a major strategic direction for the development of Ukraine. In this regard we condemn any speculation related to LGBT topics, intimidation of the electorate with the “Gayrope” and obligatory same-sex marriages. We consider the LGBT rights only within the context of general human rights. We do not ask for any special treatment or benefits, as we stand for the equality of all citizens, regardless of any features. In our society the level of understanding of the human rights concept and fundamentals of civil society is very low, which indicates the area we should all work on right now.

In this regard, we are planning to actively support public awareness activities of our citizens on human rights, democracy and anti-discrimination issues. We believe that our place is among other public and human rights organizations and we intend to participate in the development of the civil society and the promotion of human rights in Ukraine.

We welcome the tendencies of development of civil and political awareness in the society, as well as the ability for self-organization, acceptance of the language and cultural diversity, and we participate in these processes.

We affirm the need of the wider introduction of LGBT-movement into the general social and political context at all the levels. We are closely looking at the development of the political forces and as an active part of the LGBT-community we are planning to support those political parties, which will prioritize pro-European values.

We believe that it is important that LGBT organizations direct their efforts at the development, strengthening and mobilization of the community. The activities of the LGBT movement should include all the ongoing processes in the country and to be corresponding.

Current situation and challenges require that we take concrete steps and actions; therefore we call upon the LGBT movement to further consolidation and incorporation of efforts to achieve common social and political goals. Earlier created structures are no longer effective enough. It is necessary to review current agreements and inter-organizational communication models in order to find the optimal forms of interaction.

Creating of a large number of LGBT organizations leads to disunity, conflicts, nonconstructive rivalry. NGO “Gay Liberation Front” is taking the initiative of the consolidation of the LGBT community, as well as reformation and restructuring of the existing LGBT assets, realizing that the key to success is the open position of all the interested parties.

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” has been actively developing partner network with constructive forces inside the movement in order to create a common vision and agreeing on concrete steps to achieve common goals.

We believe that it is finally came to a head a necessity of uniting the human rights and LGBT movements with the other civil society organizations, intelligentsia and people with liberal views into a single general political force.

We strongly believe that only consolidation and clear, decisive actions can change the situation in our country on the qualitative level.