Odessa citizens were asked about househusbands

Odessa citizens were asked about househusbands

LGBT activists from Odessa talked to the citizens and guests of the city about the rights and stereotypes that cause lots of those rights violations.

The passers-by answered the questions about men keeping the household, single fathers, women having right to heavy work and interests of the state prevailing over rights of citizens.

The question of attitude towards househusbands was the most pressing issue. The answers varied from the request “not to make zombies out of people” to “very positive attitude.” Those citizens of Odessa who think that housework is unworthy of men reasoned that traditionally a man must be a family’s daily breeder. The rest relied on equality of rights and opportunity for anyone to choose their job. Despite the variety of opinions most respondents agreed that single fathers can be met often so it’s necessary to give them right for maternity leave.

The citizens of Odessa believe that women have right to choose their profession. Let’s recall that Labor Code includes the list of spheres that women are banned to work in.

Most respondents also think that human rights cannot be sacrificed to the interests of the state. Only several people pointed out that in terms of military situation on the East of Ukraine human rights can take backseat.