New project of GLF Ukraine: LGBT rights protection and advocacy

New project of GLF Ukraine: LGBT rights protection and advocacy

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) in cooperation with LGBT human rights defender “GPPAS” (Gays Against Promiscuity & Anal Sex) start new project aimed at protection and advocacy of LGBT community rights in Ukraine.

We have been writing again and again that some aggressive groups make use of their own impunity and with the authorities’ acquiescence attack homosexuals, riding on the wave of Ukrainian society getting more radical.

If you were discriminated on the ground of sexual orientation or gender identity, or fell victim to psychological pressure, abuse or any crimes motivated by hatred of LGBT, you may address project’s regional coordinators.

Please, pay special attention: although contacts of coordinators listed below belong only to seven cities, people of all closein regions could and should contact them.

Project regional coordinators contacts:

Vinnytsia: +38 (096) 8998463, email:, Andrii
Zhytomyr: +38 (093) 5245285, email:, Maksym
Zaporizhia: +38 (099) 5548483, email:, Sergii
Kyiv: +38 (066) 9694041, email: , Svetlana Redich
Kryvii Rih +38 (096) 2868220, email:, Liia
Odessa: +38 (067) 4817347, email:, Alina
Kharkiv: +38 (050) 9827565, email:, Zhanna Simeiz

LGBT human rights defender “GPPAS” – Gays Against Promiscuity and Anal Sex

Regional coordinators give primary legal advice and explain universal algorithm of your actions in case of your rights infringement in all life aspects. Further on the specialists of Human rights defender “GPPAS” will be able to grant legal aid and support in course of judicial proceedings.

The project has financial backing of RFSL Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights.