Natalia Leonenko: Openness of LGBT is the guarantee of our security

Natalia Leonenko: Openness of LGBT is the guarantee of our security

Natalia Leonenko, GLF Ukraine regional development manager and the head of OdessaPride 2016 organizing committee, told in “Volodymyr Kiriiazi’s ANAL MAGAZINE” about LGBT community opportunities, tasks and openness. Natalia points out that one of the high-priority problems is urgent need to work on hate crimes prevention and control of how the police document such crimes.

“Our law enforcers as well as prosecution service by all means ignore and try to avoid labeling hate crimes,” she adds. Natalia herself believes that such crimes should be treated as terror.

Talking of LGBT community security Natalia underlines that it needs to be more open and ready for a dialogue with the society. It would give people a chance “to accept, understand and hear” lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people.

Also Natalia raised an issue of European integration importance for LGBT. “When you understand that your country goes either West where people like you are safe or East where the legislation criminalizing [it] is adopted you can’t help but being scared. Any reasonable person draws conclusions and makes their choice.”

Natalia Leonenko believes that activists and action groups are the future of LGBT community as they understand better what is important for the community as such.

“The activists with their opinions and aspirations appear more and more often. This is an upward trend for LGBT community and for Ukrainian society in general,” she told.

Natalia is sure that it soon will become the trend of Ukrainian politics as well, as social activists appear there, being more active, open and responsive for the troubles of the society.