Halloween in Gay Sex Houses with Boys. They had a hell of a good time there!

Halloween in Gay Sex Houses with Boys. They had a hell of a good time there!

It is a tradition to have costume parades and parties on October 31st, on the eve of All Saints’ Day. Scary parties, as a rule.

Though Halloween came from the Celtic festival Samhain and it is originally from Scotland and Ireland, now it is celebrated all over the world, and regarded as international. Halloween became popular in Ukraine too, and it gets more and more fans year by year.

Our Gay Sex Houses with Boys were no exception. The other day Gay Sex Houses with Boys in Odesa, Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Zaporizhia hosted very funny Halloween Jerk-Off parties.

More than fifty people in costumes of different characters gathered in Odesa Gay House With Boys. You could meet scary and not so scary characters, zombies, catwomen, dead fiancées, a Frankenstein, evil doctors, male witches, witches and vampires. The Odesa LGBT chorus sang for this diverse crowd, and a mysterious female soothsayer foretold the future by means of runes. Also, there were different contests, for example, a demonology quiz, contest for the scariest costume, for the most artistic character.

According to the conditions of one contest the guests, who came to the party without a costume, could make it by themselves. They got three minutes time, three random things from the sack, a couple of tools, and voilà, the costume is ready. Then a body art studio and a face painter helped all interested to perfect their Halloween character image.

The volunteers and activists of Kyiv Gay House With Boys created a relevant atmosphere, ominous light coming from the jack-o-lanterns put everywhere, mummies, even a coffin against the wall. The guests participated in different contests and dance battles.

The activists of Zaporizhia Gay House With Boys put together the program by themselves. They prepared refreshments, held different contests, and finally held a monster’s ball.

The event which took place in Zhytomyr was very funny too. The guests could enjoy contests, quizzes, and witch dances. The drag queens bought a new entertainment show, and there was a disco at the end of the party.

The winner for the best costume of Gay House With Boys Zhytomyr! They were fucking in bum all night long!