donate for gay liberation

Helping our fight for LGBT-rights in Ukraine, you take part in the development of a tolerant society in poor Eastern European country with hard and totalitaristic Soviet past, make a contribution to struggle against homophobia and as a result, in your own happy future – a future in which our country is full of peace, understanding, equality and gay love.

The collected from Westerners donations are leaded to:

1. Support and development of creative and professional potential community of men who have sex with men (MSM), due to the involvement of certain specialists for special events in our community center

2. Social support MSM with disabilities;

3. Emergency financial or other support for customers who find themselves in crisis living conditions, including internally displaced persons in the east of Ukraine and Crimea;

4. Support volunteer movement;

5. Support for training of commitment to healthy lifestyle among MSM through the organization of sporting events and summer / winter camps;

6. Organization of information, entertainment and educational events;

7. Support our offices and community centers (including maintenance, equipment, organization of study psychological and social consultations);

8. Ability to exchange experience with foreign colleagues for bringing to our work innovative and efficient methods of social work.

Please contact us to donate!