Discrimination clause: make MPs hear your opinion

Discrimination clause: make MPs hear your opinion

A lot of Ukrainians got tired of passively watching the votes in Parliament. Having our own civic positionwe strive to live in democratic, European and rule-of-law state. The voice of a Ukrainian Member of Parliament must be the voice of people at last.

We are against any discrimination on any ground in employment and in other fields.
We are for banning discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in the Labour Code of Ukraine through corresponding amendment to the second reading of the bill 1658.

Five reasons to be “FOR”

1. Banning discrimination on the grounds of SOGI doesn’t mean protecting LGBT only. This is the parity norm making no privileges for LGBT community. This ban protects from DISCRIMINATION in employment and this protection concerns heterosexual people as well as homosexual ones.

2. The demand of EU is universal and not for Ukraine only. It is based on EC/78/2000 directive and is obligatory for all EU countries and that states wishing to have visa-free regime with EU. This criteria is obligatory for all non-EU countries that sign visa-free regime agreement. Moldova adopted such ban in 2012 and Georgia in 2006.

3. Banning discrimination on the grounds of SOGI doesn’t concern Europe only! Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is prohibited not only in European countries but in all civilized world.In particular, such discrimination ban is a part of national legislation in more than 90 world countries.

4. Our obligations in accordance with Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement. Appendix 39 to this Agreement includes the obligation of Ukraine to implement EC/78/2000 directive to the Ukrainian legislation. Voting for this clause we act not only according to the Action Plan on Visa Liberalization but also according to Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement.

5. Ukrainian Parliament already implemented corresponding norm. In 2010 Ukrainian Parliament ratified the agreement between Ukraine and Spain regarding organization and settling of working migration flows between two countries. Article 6talks about the ban on discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation for citizens of Spain who work in Ukraine. What makes Ukrainians worse than Spanish?

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) and NGO “GPPAS” (Gays Against Promiscuity & Anal Sex) support the initiative of sending letters to MPs, we believe that voting for banning discrimination amendment to the Labor Code is necessary and obligatory for every up-to-date politician. The voice of Ukrainian MP is the voice of their voters. Tell the members of the Parliament about your opinion and your position that must be taken into account.