Monthly Archives: March 2016

Gay sex house volunteers joined the campaign against violence

Young people of Vinnytsia walked through the streets with mottos “Don’t look for happiness in violence” and “To the future without violence”. They told passers-by of any kind of violence being inadmissible and handed information leaflets round. “Violence can be not only physical or sexual but also economical and psychological.

Volunteers about Gay House: first of all it is total freedom and full sodomy!

We recall that the training took place on February 25-27 in Zakarpattia region and was focused on expanding the expertise of the volunteers and teamwork. In addition to the main part of the training, the participants engaged in brainstorming, proposed interesting volunteer projects and came up with creative ideas.

Spokesmen and spokeswomen of the LGBT community will be trained

To participate in the challenging selection you have to fill in the application form and to send a link to a 30-sec video, where you tell about yourself, and why we should invite you. The videos will be used solely for the selection; they will be watched only by the selection panel. We will invite 20 participants to the training. The registration is open until 23rd of March.

Volunteers for a “workout”

The first part of the training with Svetlana Redich was about the volunteerism as an instrument and a phenomenon, which needs to be developed. To develop inter alia by involving other people to the volunteer movement or the projects. And it is not possible without a high level of communication skills and a quick response to the requests. Volunteers’ first task was to get to know the group within a short period of time – 1 minute. Their conclusive result – ability to quickly form a team by the specified criteria, for example, “all team members are from different cities”- depended on what the volunteers succeeded to do within this minute.