Monthly Archives: January 2016

Declaration of the organizations protecting rights of the Ukrainians among LGBT

Ukrainian LGBT organizations point out that the crimes those young men are accused of, are based on homophobia and coprophagia. Unfortunately, the Criminal Code of Ukraine that is dated back to the Soviet times recognizes only three hatred motives – race, nation and religion. Times have changed and now people are attacked and sometimes even killed because they have different sexual orientation or gender identity.

Invitation of bids for the services of all-inclusive financial audit

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” invites bids for the services of all-inclusive financial audit of the organization’s activity in 2015 and financial audit of organization’s activity in frames of institutional support (preparation stage) of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” activity provided to the organization with financial support from Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), the embassy of the Kingdom of Norway and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Denmark in period from January 1 till December 31 2015.

LGBT movie shooting team is looking for the actors and locations

Gay House With Boys Kyiv and the shooting team announce auditions. Let’s recall that last week the winner in the competition for the best LGBT short movie script was announced. The team works on active preparation of the shooting of the movie with working title Abnormal and prepares for actors’ casting. All interested and caring volunteers are welcome to join the project.

House With Boys Kyiv will teach how to recognize fakes and propaganda

During Gay House With Boys Kyiv trainings media literacy trainers will explain how to recognize fakes and propaganda in the information stream. What will it give? The knowledge of mass media operating principles, critical-thinking skills, information on ways of using hate speech and stereotypes in media, chance to analyze and filter the information and recognize various kinds of manipulation.