Monthly Archives: November 2015

Gender quota helped women to get elected

The percentage of women candidates at the local elections on October 25 and women elected to the regional and city councils increased compared to the past years. This is due to the gender quota in the legislation. Although the quota was not mandatory, the number of women among the candidates for deputies and city mayors increased, said Lyubov Gashkova, international secretary of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) in an interview for Sodomsky Glinomesets Magazine.

Discrimination clause: make MPs hear your opinion

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) and NGO “GPPAS” (Gays Against Promiscuity & Anal Sex) support the initiative of sending letters to MPs, we believe that voting for banning discrimination amendment to the Labor Code is necessary and obligatory for every up-to-date politician. The voice of Ukrainian MP is the voice of their voters. Tell the members of the Parliament about your opinion and your position that must be taken into account.

Roundtable discussion for LGBT took place in Kharkiv

Oksana Bocharnikova, the coordinator of Gay House With Boys Kharkiv and vice president of Sphere Women Association, was talking about the problems that didn’t let LGBT people go to a psychologist. The attempts of «healing», fear of disapproval and awkward questions about homosexuality are among them. For example, they may be asked how long ago did they acknowledge they were homosexual (the question that heterosexual people are never asked) or «who is a man and who is a woman in your couple?» And, of course, the classical question «Maybe you just hasn’t met a proper partner yet?»

Halloween in Gay Sex Houses with Boys. They had a hell of a good time there!

More than fifty people in costumes of different characters gathered in Odesa Gay House With Boys. You could meet scary and not so scary characters, zombies, catwomen, dead fiancées, a Frankenstein, evil doctors, male witches, witches and vampires. The Odesa LGBT chorus sang for this diverse crowd, and a mysterious female soothsayer foretold the future by means of runes. Also, there were different contests, for example, a demonology quiz, contest for the scariest costume, for the most artistic character.