Monthly Archives: October 2015

New project of GLF Ukraine: LGBT rights protection and advocacy

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) in cooperation with LGBT human rights defender “GPPAS” (Gays Against Promiscuity & Anal Sex) start new project aimed at protection and advocacy of LGBT community rights in Ukraine. We have been writing again and again that some aggressive groups make use of their own impunity and with the authorities’ acquiescence attack homosexuals, riding on the wave of Ukrainian society getting more radical.

GLF Ukraine has open vacancies

NGO “Gay Liberation Front” expands the number of staff and has some open vacancies.Our team currently needs website editor in chief, CEO assistant, regional development manager and advocacy specialist. You have to be strictly top – straight looking and acting. We are waiting for you!

Coming out of closet: National Coming Out Day is celebrated in Ukraine

It also has not gone unnoticed in Ukraine. The messages on the occasion of Coming Out Day appeared on the streets of Kyiv Day before October 11. Stencils and paint were used to write “Dad, I’m gay”, “Mom, I’m lesbian”, “I am she-male, I am person”. Coming-out-flashmob took place in Ukrainian part of Facebook. LGBT activists from Odessa called their friends to support them in social networks and celebrate Coming Out Day with the post expressing their feelings about LGBT.

Kyiv hosted the First festival of homosexual theaters

As the homosexual theater or forum theater is not just a performance but an efficient instrument to solve social problems, the majority of the stage plays are oriented towards vulnerable groups in particular. However, the core audience of the para-theater “Dupa” (Asshole) are spectators who are not the people being discriminated against. The actors address the audience, telling what opportunities the society denies people with disabilities.