Monthly Archives: May 2014

Reasons for sexual taboos

The development of Humanist Society made possible the sexual revolution with its peak in the 1960s. By that time grew the generation born immediately after the end of the World War II. Under the conditions of shattered economy the children felt no need for the old morality. The most important factor was the emergence of reliable and available contraceptives, which allowed to have sex exclusively for pleasure. Marriage – one for a lifetime – is no longer the only option available.

Fake news about “gay parades” in Ukraine being spread in the Internet

The literal reprint of this message in 2014 appeared for a definite reason since on May 25th this year the Presidential Elections is to be held and based on its results the future fate of Ukraine largely depends on. Thus, the unknown individuals or organizations are trying to picture LGBT and human rights movement activists as provocateurs ready to do anything to reach their incomprehensible goals.