Monthly Archives: March 2014

Official Statement of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” on current situation in Ukraine

We believe that at this moment the priority task for Ukraine is to preserve its independence and territorial integrity. Therefore we are against any statements or actions that can discredit the efforts of the operating interim government to overcome the crisis, considering that effective work of both Ukrainian and international structures is now of extreme importance.

LGBT Center “Anal Excess”, parent club and Alps hiking

Group members met thanks to advertising, widespread in the press and through the counseling centers. It is quite interesting that the gender composition of the group – approximately 50/50, dad comes as much as mothers. First few months the meetings were conducted under support of the psychologists of the organization, but today the group is ready to become an independent one.

Crimea was annexed and Kolesnichenko quits MP post to breed goats

Mr. Kolesnichenko was elected to the Verkhovna Rada from the Crimea for the District No.225 (Sevastopol) and is famous for its pro-Russian policy. One of the most controversial laws written by Mr. Kolesnichenko is the so-called law on languages. Besides, it is particularly Mr. Kolesnichenko who submitted draft law prohibiting “propaganda of homosexuality” for consideration in Rada. Its official title – “On the Prohibition of Propaganda of Homosexuality Aimed at Children” (was originally registered in the Parliament under No.1155). For this initiative the Coalition to Combat Discrimination in Ukraine gave Mr. Kolesnichenko anti-Award “The Discriminator the year – 2013” in nomination “Discrimination in Law”.

What does Putin want?

The most popular still remains the version of creation of new trade routes through the eastern regions of Ukraine and ports of the Crimean peninsula: supposedly it opens new opportunities for selling products and Russian gas transfer. But even today it is obvious that economic losses of this war will be immeasurably higher than potential gain in case of winning. Combat actions as such have not even started yet and yet Russian business is suffering serious losses.