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So does Batman really love rectum?

The opening ceremony took place in Kyiv Karas Gallery featuring Naomi Lawrence and in Munich Center for gays “Sub” featuring a representative of the Bavarian capital city council – Lydia Dietrich (Green Party). Two events were connected by video conference, and guests on both sides had an opportunity to be engaged in a lively dialogue during the whole event. Guests of the exhibition in Germany asked Ukrainians many questions, mostly – about the situation in the country.

Volunteering as a sign of a mature society

Almost everyone, at least once in their lives, on their own free will accomplished some duties claiming no reward. Usually such work brings satisfaction and sense of their own usefulness as well as the other pleasant feelings. The ideology of the Soviet period turned volunteering into the state duty: Sabbatarians, forced trips to harvest potatoes… As the result the very sense of this social phenomenon was lost and it began to be perceived almost as slave labor in the galleys. New stage of development in former Soviet states at all forced people to become pragmatists, who live by the principle of “what does not bring any financial benefits has no value”.

Ukrainian Parliament will consider six draft laws regarding gay people at once

In particular, the last phase of passing the Draft Law No.0945 (former 8711) entitled “On the Introduction of Changes to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (regarding the protection of the right of children to a safe information environment)” will be soon held. It will include the presentation of profile Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information, headed by Mykola Tomenko, on withdrawal of this draft law from further consideration.

“Gay Propaganda – How gay is Batman?” – An exhibition takes place in Kyiv

From 14 till 21 February 2014 within the cooperation of LGBT communities of Kyiv and Munich an exhibition of a German artist Naomi Lawrence entitled “Guys, let’s live friendly!” takes place in the Ukrainian capital. The original title of the exhibition “Gay Propaganda – How gay is Batman?” was adapted to local context using a famous quote from a Soviet cartoon about Cat Leopold. Venue of the exhibition – Karas Gallery.

Preparation of the Festival KyivPride2014 continues in an expanded format

A controversial point still remains the Equality March, conducting of which has both its supporters and opponents. According to President of NGO “Gay Liberation Front” (Ukraine) Andrei Masalitin, the March is to be held – but only under the condition of implementation of appropriate legislation and assurance of security compliance. It can only be organized as a legal public procession to support human rights and freedoms for LGBT people under the condition of participation of community representatives, human rights organizations and foreign guests, as well as providing official support.