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NGO “Gay Liberation Front” prepares for housewarming

All-Ukrainian public organization “Gay Liberation Front” launched its work in 2009 and throughout its existence managed to create a significant partnership network both in Ukraine and abroad. Our organization has its regional representative offices in many regions of our country that demonstrates the trust of our partners, donors and the success of implemented projects.

The Head of the EU Mission: Mykola Azarov statement has nothing to do with the reality

On the question of whether legislation on European integration provides more democratic attitudes toward sexual minorities, Mr. Tombinsky answered: “Yes. We are not talking about how to be tolerated primarily to sexual minorities. We are talking about how to solve the discrimination problem in general. Discrimination can be different based on age, state of health, religious beliefs. As well as based on sexual orientation. But what is said here can be applies not only to sexual minorities.”

“Gay Liberation Front” publishes results of survey towards LGBT people

Eight regions of Ukraine were selected for the research: South (Odesa oblast), West (Lviv oblast), East (Donetsk oblast), Center (Cherkasy oblast), North (Chernihiv oblast), and AR Crimea and the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol as separate administrative-territorial units. In each of these regions hundred people were interviewed. In all regions except Kyiv the survey was conducted both among urban and rural populations in equal proportions. Analysis based on this sampling allowed to gain an understanding of the data at the level of each region.

Euro-pragmatism by Azarov

As for gay marriages, let us once again quote the statement of the Head of the EU Mission to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky, refuting impassioned speeches of Mykola Azarov in the same day they were given. Mr. Tombinsky affirmed that Europe aspires to reduce the level of discrimination – including towards LGBT – however, the very concept of discrimination in this case should be interpreted in the broad sense.